Dragon Utah
Ghosts. What about a ghost town draws us adventurers to them? Is it the need to believe. Is it a search for the truth of what's out there? Is it the untold stories that surround every object and building? I love the idea of a ghost town and it was quite the trip heading out to visit Dragon, Watson, and Rainbow.

Near the Utah-Colorado border we hiked and experienced a beautiful desert landscape full of life and dry barren beauty. We ran across abandoned mines, cliffs, and some of the most breath taking clouds I've ever seen. I will absolutely be exploring this area more in the future.

Dragon My very own miniature Pride Rock BFFs Dragon Utah Watson, Utah
Happiest Day of My Life
To my dearest and beautiful Brianna, I love you so much. It has been a blessing and an honor to have met you and to have become your best friend over these last two years. Through the laughs and tears, I have become a better person because of you and I strive to be the best I can. I was very nervous with the whole getting engaged process. It was new to me and there is so much to get right, but in the end it turned out perfect. I loved it and I love you. Silver Lake will forever be one of my favorite spots to be because it will always remind me of one of the most important days in my history, the day I asked you to be my bride. Life does not get any more real than that. I cannot wait to be married for the Eternities.

Happiest moment of my life to date. I now pronouce you Love of my Life Little Dock on the Lake
Bonneville Salt Flats
I have been blessed with visiting some pretty cool places and I must say, the Bonneville Salt Flats was no exception. It is an incredibly beautiful desert of pure salt. White in every direction as far as the eye can see and covered in unique patters of salts that have built up giving it a one of kind look and feel. We traveled out there in the middle of the night and the incredible memories we brought back were awesome. Coolest sunrise I have yet seen. There is a little rest stop right on the side of it just outside of Wendover, NV.  
Go check it out for yourself! Its about an hour and forty five minutes from Salt Lake City.
Livin life the Real Way

X Files Status Sphere of Lights DSC_6259 DSC_5991 Circle of Life Star Trails- Bonneville
Misc Photos
Life is full of magnificent things. Here is some of the recent work for the summer. My brother getting his dance on, Alta Ski Resort, and a blue moon?! Life is incredible, and I would have missed all those moments had I not been outside experiencing life the real way. Every now and then get away from the TVs, phones, video games, and books. Get outside with people you love. Make friends, and experience life for yourself and not vicariously. Whether it's high adventure glacier touring, walking around your neighborhood, or sitting out on your porch watching and listening; I promise you will have a more fulfilling day every time you get out there. 
Stay tuned for more in this Photography Portfolio, and remember to: 
Live life the Real Way

A Reason to Explore Summer Time Breakin some dance Surrogate J & Blue Moon
America. That about sums it up! I love this Country. I love this world. I love living in a place where I can meet people from all over the world at any given time. I love the ideas that founded us and the love that I encounter everywhere I go. Sure we have our problems, who doesn't? But I am a firm believer in the Red White and Blue. I'm grateful for those who gave their lives, those who continue to risk their lives, and those who will in the future. I hope and pray you dropped your movies, and phones, and video games to blow some stuff up. To barbecue with friends and family. To think about those who paved the way before, and those who you are paving the way for now. Live your life the real way. 4th of July 2015
4th of July 2015
4th of July 2015